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Price:    100.00 Including  VAT at 20%
Nav TV VehicleDock for iPod
THE LAST FEW TO CLEAR! £50 OFF THE NORMAL PRICE. The outer box may have a few marks but the item is BRAND NEW so grab a bargain!
The Nav TV VehicleDock is a universal iPod docking station that can be connected to any screen in your car providing there is a free A/V input. (NB: So this can connect to one of the many AV Input Leads we sell for various vehicles! Buy a TV In Motion lead as well and your passengers can watch a video from your iPod while the vehicle is moving!!)

The system is a hideaway unit controlled by a remote control (or connected to the OEM screen). Users will be familiar with the iPod-like music selection of song, artist, playlist, album or genre. However this has a unique feature that will allow you to browse the video menu on screen, then play your video selection on your in-car screen without having to fumble with the iPod. Users can select an iPod photo image slideshow or album artwork, as music is being played. You can watch videos, listen to music, podcasts and even audio books. The unit can be switched between NTSC and PAL. It also has an S-video output.

The unit is controlled using the (provided) 18 button infrared remote control. It also comes with a remote 'red eye' on a long wire so you can hide the VehicleDock away, for example in the boot of the vehicle.


> Charges iPod
> Connects to any A/V Input - has standard RCA/Phono sockets AND an S-Video Out socket
> Plays music & movies
> Easy to navigate menus
> Create playlists whilst you listen
> Comes with the lead to connect to iPod.

PLEASE NOTE: This device requires a live (constant - from the vehicle battery) feed, a switched live (only powered when vehicle ignition is on) and an earth. IF IN DOUBT we recommend having this device professionally installed.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: The device does NOT come with any RCA/Phono or S-Video leads. You will need to purchase these separately once you know which Output you will be using and what length you need. 

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