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Price:    326.80 Including  VAT at 20%
16:9 Widescreen - 5 E39 7 E38
Used 16:9 widescreen for BMW 5 series E39 and 7 series E38 in very nice condition.

There are no scratches on the screen.

There is a small amount of 'shine' around the left and right knob and very slight wear of the knobs, as to be expected with any used unit. There is are two very tiny marks in the plastic trim around the screen to the top right, but again very tiny!There are nothing serious, and new knobs are cheap from your local BMW dealer if you are fussy! (We'd rather give an overly honest description than have an unhappy customer!)

The plastic surround is for a 5 series E39 (and it has one very tiny mark in it at the top but will not be very noticeable at all once installed) so if fitting into a 7 series E38 it would be best to replace this (again that is a cheap part even from BMW!).

There is a cassette player behind the screen.

Comes from a LHD car but fits RHD cars fine - no visible difference when in place. Only difference is when screen is tilted down to reveal cassette slot which is offset slightly to the left.

Part No. 65.52-6 913 387

KW: 12/01. (This is the build date - December 2001)

PLEASE NOTE: To get the full benefit of the widescreen check that your TV module is capable of running at 16:9 aspect ratio (or see the 16:9 TV Modules we have available). 


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