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Price:    124.99 Including  VAT at 20%
Intravee II
LIMITED SPECIAL OFFER PRICE - SAVE OVER £25! Following our sale last month we're doing it again for a very limited period while stocks last!
This amazing device can enable full Apple iPod integration (PLEASE NOTE) for AUDIO when used with the Alpine KCA-420i iPod interface (also available from us - see further down this page). So much better than an FM transmitter! According to many of our customers, much better than the Dice or Dension alternatives.... We didn't need to say that....because our customers did...!

Perfect integration with the car's controls, including steering wheel controls where fitted.

Compatible with all iPods and iPhones that have a Dock Connector (or you can use a Dock Connector to Lightning Adapter - not supplied). Please note that since Apple changed to 5 volt charging with the more recent iPods and iPhones they will NOT be charged during use but a small adapter can be purchased to enable this - available separately - see further down the page.

Displays CD/MP3 text (ID3 tags, file/folder names, CD-TEXT etc) on most standard BMW display bars and Navigation screens, including BMW 3 series E46 radio.

Allows direct connection of:

> Apple iPod if used with an Alpine KCA-420i (NOT included - available separately - see further down the page).
> Alpine MP3 CD changer (NOT included)
> Allows connection of multiple - up to three - Alpine AiNET devices when used with the Intravee Switch (NOT included - available separately - see further down the page)

PLEASE NOTE you will NOT be able to use your original BMW CD changer.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If your car is fitted with the DSP Hi-Fi option please check your CD Changer to ensure it has the 3 pin and 6 pin connections - if it has a coaxial type connector you will also need a separate analogue to digital converter. (See the DICE DSP Adapter further down the page.)

Features include:

> Fast music search feature for iPod and Alpine MP3 CD changer if fitted.
> Sub-folder navigation on MP3 disks.
> Quick response time to button presses!
> Free lifetime firmware updates as and when they become available - upgradable via a standard PC/laptop and serial cable (or we can do this for a small fee) allowing new vehicle types and software features to be added as they are developed.
> Very low standby power consumption (typically less than 1mA) so unlike some other adapters will not cause any flat batteries or cold starting problems.
> Dimensions 95 x 65 x 30 mm. (3.75 x 2.5 x 1.0 inches approx).

Specifications and features subject to change without notice.

For the following vehicles:
3 Series E46
5 Series E39
7 Series E38
X5 E53
X3 E83
Z4 E85
Z4 E89 (PLEASE NOTE only up to approximately June 2009 Build Date - Ensure that your CD Changer does NOT have the Fibre Optic MOST connection)
Mini (BMW Mini) R50, R52 & R53
Range Rover Mk III (2002-2004 - NOT Touch Screen Nav)

which have the factory fitted CD Changer OR are PRE-WIRED for a factory CD changer.

PLEASE NOTE this item is NOT compatible with the very early CD changers which had one round connector - it will only work with the CD changers that have 2 connectors (one 3 pin and one 6 pin) so if in doubt please check your CD changer before purchasing.
RANGE ROVER OWNERS ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The 2004 Range Rover sometimes has a 10 pin connector for the CD Changer and NOT the BMW style 3 pin and 6 pin connectors. The 10 pin connector would need to be converted in some way to achieve connection with the Intravee II. If in doubt it is worth checking which connector(s) the CD Changer in your Range Rover has.

For User Guides, Supplements and the latest Firmware and Intravee Downloader software click here to go to the Intravee Downloads Page 

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Price:    100.07 Including  VAT at 20%
Alpine KCA-420i iPod adapter
Use this Alpine iPod adapter with your Intravee II to enable you to connect your Apple iPod.

This will also charge your iPod at the same time (EXCEPT latest Nano and iPhone 3G, 3GS & 4 as Apple - bless their cottons....! - changed the wiring and voltage. This can be overcome with little adapters made by companies such as Scosche or Belkin.

1. This unit comes with the lead to connect it to the Intravee II AND the lead to connect the iPod.
2. The KCA-420i is compatible with any iPod and iPod mini/nano with dock connector and iPod Update 2004-04-28 or later. You can go to the iTunes web site to download the latest iPod software.
3. This is for AUDIO ONLY and does NOT enable video from your iPod.

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Price:    112.99 Including  VAT at 20%
Intravee Switch
This neat little device allows you to connect multiple Alpine AiNET devices to your Intravee II.

Key Features:

> Allows connection of up to three AiNET devices or three Aux inputs or any combination of AiNET and Aux inputs up to a total of three.
> Works in a similar way to the Alpine KCA-410c or KCA-400c (AND it is compatible with most Alpine head units).
> Allows all connected iPods (via KCA-420i) to charge their batteries, regardless of whether they are the currently selected playing source or not.
> Firmware upgradable via Intravee II using standard PC either by the customer (or ourselves for a small charge.
> Very low standby power consumption (typically less than 1mA).
> Dimensions are 95 x 65 x 30 mm. (3.75 x 2.5 x 1.0 inches approx)

Need a short AiNET cable to connect this Switch to your Intravee II? See further down the page!  

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Price:    13.97 Including  VAT at 20%
iPod / iPhone 5V Charging Adapter
This tiny adapter goes between your iPod and the Dock connector and converts the 12 volt charging to 5 volt charging and will therefore enable the Intravee II and Alpine KCA-420i to charge the later generation iPods (e.g. 2nd Generation or newer iPod Touch, 4th Generation or newer iPod Nano WITH dock connector) and iPhones (e.g. iPhone 3G or newer). If in doubt PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR iPOD / iPHONE uses 5V charging before purchasing. 

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Price:    26.08 Including  VAT at 20%
Long AiNET Cable
A long - approximately 5 metres long - AiNET cable.
This could be used to go from the Intravee II to the Alpine KCA-420i so you could place the Alpine unit - and consequently your iPod - in the front of the vehicle. 

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Price:    15.12 Including  VAT at 20%
Short AiNET Cable
A short (approximately 30 cm / 1 foot long) AiNET cable ideal for connecting your Intravee II to the Intravee Switch.

Also good for connecting the Intravee II to the Alpine KCA-420i IF you do NOT want the long cable that comes with the Alpine unit coiled up in your boot / nearside rear wing!


Price:    68.99 Including  VAT at 20%
DSP Adapter
DSP Adapter for BMW Vehicles with DSP Amplifier.
PLEASE NOTE: This is ONLY NEEDED in BMW vehicles which have the DSP amplifier option AND where the CD Changer has the COAX type plug. (For example this is NOT needed in E46 3 series, E85 Z4 or E53 X5 even if they have the DSP option.) This adapter will enable you to connect an Intravee II as it will also convert the connections to the 'standard' BMW 3 pin and 6 pin plugs required by the Intravee II.

PLEASE CHECK that your car requires this BEFORE ordering. 


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